Day 9 - Optimizing the Course

Transform Performance & Reward Management

The goal of our assignment was to support business excellence ambitions, through the major transformation of Performance & Reward Management Governance.

  • Resistance to change in a longtime past company culture
  • Fear of challenging the status-quo 
  • Lack of differentiation between individuals in terms of performance and reward


  • Anchor a culture of qualitative feedback
  • Solve historical inadequacies
  • Enhance & develop true leadership & managerial skills (through empowerment & offering flexibility)

MILESTONES - Waypoints
  • Diagnostic of performance & reward areas up for optimization and change required to support the new business ambitions (e.g. survey, creation of work groups including top management, business stakeholders & social partners)
  • Redefinition of a new strategic governance for Performance & Reward. Review of HR processes accordingly
  • Extensive communication & roadshows
  • Tailored design & roll-out of tools & training programs supporting the change (e.g. reward simulation tool, training programs on performance feedback/action plans/calibration/objectives settings, reward practices... )


In the process, we have seized the opportunity of the project to bring added-value on some side business aspects.