Day 1 - Building One Ship out of Many

Design a global career framework 

The goal of our assignment was to create visibility for (less traditional) career moves, long term employability & potential redeployment in the Group, through the creation of a cross-functional roles framework, harmonized across all company entities.

  • Make use of job levels for sole remuneration purposes
  • Standardize without taking into account local specificities
  • Adjust framework in order to fit individual (role level & financial history) exceptions


  • Revisit organizational structures & room for optimization
  • Break business & functional silo's by gathering business experts around the discussion table  
  • Simplify roles description process by making them generic
  • Link roles & profiles to harmonized competency/leadership models

MILESTONES - Waypoints
  • Redefine generic functional role descriptions valid cross-business/country
  • Identify complexities and competencies specific to roles
  • Identify potential moves between positions cross-functional & across company businesses
  • Confirm role levels
  • In parallel, design a single harmonized competence model out of previously existing models existing in the company at Group, Overseas, European & local models and benchmark best practices.
  • Link competencies to generic profiles and potential career mapping


In the process, we have seized the opportunity of the project to bring added-value on some side business aspects.