Day 2 - Crossing the Horn in the Storm

Launch flexible incentives to boost the development of a new business segment

The goal of our assignment was to support the launch of new business segment, through the design & implementation of tailored flexible reward incentives for the sales & client back office teams of the new business.


  • Simply increase base salaries for teams working on the new business
  • Use standard incentives, less relevant for the new business context and challenges


  • Revisit, together with the business, new relevant Key Performance Indicators measuring true business impact
  • Create a team purpose between back office teams with client-facing/front office ones through some alignment on their reward & recognition philosophy. 

MILESTONES  - Waypoints

  • Identify motivating factors for the teams 
  • Define pragmatic business Key Performance Indicators (e.g. leads, market penetration rate, sales results, client response rate, service level... ) 
  • Benchmark on reward practices
  • Design flexible incentives program & mechanisms (threshold, accelerators, decelerators,.. )
  • Budget & implement the new schemes
  • Analyse project results versus ROI 


In the process, we have seized the opportunity of the project to bring added-value on some side business aspects.