Day 7 - Keeping Spirits High on Board

Assess the company cultural enablers/derailers

The goal of our assignment was to provide the Management teams with means to identify underlying business enablers & derailers, through a company cultural assessment linked to the organization corporate values.

  • Let underlying cultural aspects undermine business results and teams efficiency
  • Underestimate the impact of company values on business operations & teams state of mind


  • Clarify, anchor & spread company values
  • Drive strategic changes (new business vision, focus on some some aspects of company culture & values... )
  • Enhance managerial efficiency & credibility and promote open dialogue with their teams through cultural assessments 
  • Prevent occupational risks (burn-out, inefficiencies, demotivation... ) 

MILESTONES - Waypoints
  • Clarify company values definitions and translate them into clear behavioral samples 
  • Analyze the interactions (enablers/derailers) between the various dimensions of the company values
  • Identify areas of potential issues and strengths of the cultural values (e.g. value "commitment" reinforced by value "rewarding performance"  > might enhance risk of burn-outs in a highly demanding but rather unstructured work environment)
  • Design & roll-out of self-assessment tools for Management teams first. Followed by assessment with team members
  • Identify areas requiring cultural change in preparation of yearly business action planning


In the process, we have seized the opportunity of the project to bring added-value on some side business aspects.