Snekkja... What's in a name ?

Origin of our Name

  • The origin of the term "Snekkja" refers to the first Scandinavian longships used by Vikings to cross oceans, conquer new worlds, sail beyond known waters and restlessly explore new horizons.
  • In Icelandic & old Norse, the name "Snekkja"  means "yacht". It also entails a couple of references to the sea (a tiny Norwegian SW archipelago island & an inner sea rock North of Reykjavik). 

Analogy to our Business

Our profession shares aspects from the longships & their sailing teams :

  • Take your business to new horizons with the promise of a better world through BUSINESS  & HR TRANSFORMATION
  • We are equipped to navigate with agility, creativity & speed through hazardous situations for CHANGE & CRISIS TRANSITIONING.
  • We share CORE VALUES with seamanship, such as courage, disciplined work ethics, flexibility, humility, knowledge transfer, pragmatism, respect, teamwork & tenacity. 

Reference Literature

  • Longships were naval vessels made and used by the Vikings from the Nordic countries for trade. commerce exploration, and warfare. 

  • The ship’s shallow draft hull was designed for speed. It allowed navigation in waters only one meter deep and permitted beach landings, while its light weight enabled it to be carried over portages

  • Longships were also symmetrically double-ended, allowing the ship to reverse direction quickly. A particularly useful trait for hazardous navigation in northern latitudes through icebergs and sea ice."