Day 4 - From Rotterdam to Copenhagen

Set up the Human Resources function in foreign country entities

The goal of our assignment was to support the growth of Northern Europe country operations, through the set-up of a stand-alone HR function in those countries.


  • Delicate phase where an operation has reached a critical size requiring stand-alone HR support, systematic reporting and standardization of processes
  • Fragile step between speed & comfort of an informal operating model of a small entity and the needs for formalization and structure when becoming a mid-sized company


  • Use cross-country synergies (creation of an intranet, local newsletter, info sessions)
  • Coach and advise the local Management teams on Group best practices and key human capital topics

MILESTONES  - Waypoints

  • Design manager & employee handbooks outlining legal regulations. internal processes & procedures related to employment (such as workers regulations, hiring procedures, promotion rules, training requests, salary review process, etc.) - for local Danish and Dutch operations of an international organization
  • Inform, consult social partners and coordinate the set-up of a workers council once the legal threshold has been reached
  • Transfer the payroll supervision and social administration from the Finance department and local management to HR
  • Hire a local HR manager & team, coach and transfer knowledge


In the process, we have seized the opportunity of the project to bring added-value on some side business aspects.