Day 3 - From New York to Brussels


Staff a brand new company in Belgium

The goal of our assignment was to support the set-up of a new global operations center in Belgium, through fast track talent hiring & full design of a branding for the newly created institution.


  • Mergers & Aquisitions context involving major cultural differences between entities (American/Belgian)
  • Ambitious growth objective of increasing the human capital with 200 heads in 6 months 
  • Average employee (managed) turnover of 25% for the first three years (meant to allow headcount flexibility during business launch test period). 
  • Absence of previous brand on the Belgian employment market 


  • Train managers in selection techniques
  • Transform existing performance & talent development tools in order to fit the new company culture & business needs

MILESTONES  - Waypoints

  • Design a tailored hiring strategy & tools (internal assessment tools, batch selection sessions... )

  • Create a new employer brand (& campaign) to enter the Belgian market

  • Define new remuneration guidelines fitting roles & profiles

  • Lead internal change management & communication campaigns in order to harmonize processes and integrate the various populations


In the process, we have seized the opportunity of the project to bring added-value on some side business aspects.