Day 8 - Heading for Cape Compliance

Ensure HR regulatory compliance

The goal of our assignment was to ensure HR regulatory compliance from a legal, social security and tax point of view, through assessment and potentially correction of HR processes, programs, schemes and contractual agreements.

  • Risks related to HR regulatory compliance aspects
  • Risks and inequities linked to historical situations


  • Inform management & employees on (new developments in ) HR regulatory matters
  • Solve historical inadequacies
  • Drive strategic changes (e.g. position the company as a sustainable market player by moving towards a green car policy... )

MILESTONES - Waypoints
  • Auditing of existing HR programs & schemes in place in terms of legal, social security & tax point of view (salary splits, net allowances, bonus, stock incentives, transportation incentives, company car... )
  • Reflect regulatory changes in internal documentation and contractual agreements
  • Regulatory recovery initiatives (negotiation with regulatory authorities, tax ruling, adaptation of existing plans to new compliance rules, e.g. stock/pension plans... )
  • Internal communication & change (at company level, with individuals impacted... )


In the process, we have seized the opportunity of the project to bring added-value on some side business aspects.