Long Term is the Vision...

Why Long Term and Managing Change make perfect sense together

A broad look at things

Hiring an experienced Change Manager is supposed to bring a client an helicopter view and a neutral, obiective look at things. That broad look at issues needs to project the company's future so as to integrate strategic & conceptual thinking to pragmatic operational implementation.

Creation, Transformation,  Transition

Our focus lies on the phases of Creation > Transformation > Transition. The last one is absolutely key for a client to obtain the final expected return on investment (ROI) from a business transformation. 

Knowledge Transfer

Our vision is to pave the way for the long term, through Knowledge Transfer on the topics concerned (by putting in place a strong structure, designing clear documentation, and ensuring transition, training and coaching of client internal teams).

Our Values

"Our Client's values first... "

Our services will always strive at reflecting the client's company core values during an assignment.

Beyond those, some key principles will be guiding our way of performing business, such as :
  • AGILITY - Ability to adapt & quickly modify course of action according to needs, willingness to challenge the status-quo
  • BUSINESS PRAGMATISM - One size does not fit all, tailored solutions
  • (COMPANY) CULTURAL AWARENESS - Glocal Approach (global reach with a local touch)
  • IMMEDIATE ADDED VALUE - Hit the ground running, speed of action
  • PARTNERSHIP - Sounding board, sharing & teaming up with client, knowledge transfer
  • RELIABILITY - On commitments & deliverables, strong work ethics, resilience
  • RESPECT - In all its shapes : commitments, compliance, human, responsibility
  • SENSE OF OWNERSHIP - Accountability, responsiveness, proactive approach
  • STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE - Ability to deal with ambiguity & complexity, go the extra mile