Long Term is the Vision...

Why Long Term and Managing Change make perfect sense together

A broad look at things

Hiring an experienced Change Manager is supposed to bring a client an helicopter view and a neutral, obiective look at things. That broad look at issues needs to project the company's future so as to integrate strategic & conceptual thinking to pragmatic operational implementation.

Creation, Transformation,  Transition

Our focus lies on the phases of Creation > Transformation > Transition. The last one is absolutely key for a client to obtain the final expected return on investment (ROI) from a business transformation. 

Knowledge Transfer

Our vision is to pave the way for the long term, through Knowledge Transfer on the topics concerned (by putting in place a strong structure, designing clear documentation, and ensuring transition, training and coaching of client internal teams).

Our Values

"Our Client's values first... "

Our services will always strive at reflecting the client's company core values during an assignment.

Beyond those, some key principles outlined here will be guiding our way of performing business, such as :
  • AGILITY - Ability to adapt & quickly modify course of action according to needs, willingness to challenge the status-quo
  • BUSINESS PRAGMATISM - One size does not fit all, tailored solutions
  • (COMPANY) CULTURAL AWARENESS - Glocal Approach (global reach with a local touch)
  • IMMEDIATE ADDED VALUE - Hit the ground running, speed of action
  • PARTNERSHIP - Sounding board, sharing & teaming up with client, knowledge transfer
  • RELIABILITY - On commitments & deliverables, strong work ethics, resilience
  • RESPECT - In all its shapes : commitments, compliance, human, responsibility
  • SENSE OF OWNERSHIP - Accountability, responsiveness, proactivness
  • STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE - Ability to deal with ambiguity & complexity, go the extra mile