Day 10 - Shaping the Ship of the Future

Organizational transformation into a combined customer support center

The goal of our assignment was to respond to new customer orientation business goals, through the creation of a combined support center made of three organizational areas in the Insurance sector (Finance, Operations & Claims).

  • Employee turn-over following to internal re-organisation
  • Negative customer impact
  • Loss of people engagement


  • Promote internal job mobility and secure key talent
  • Create cross-functional opportunities
  • Enhance customer orientation

MILESTONES - Waypoints
  • Analysis of separate functional processes, activity volumes and impact. 

  • Redefinition of a new integrated process

  • Definition & description of new roles, profiles & structure needed to perform the new process. 

  • Human talent mapping and matching to the new structure (e.g. internal job posting and selection process, feedback, direct approach, succession planning... ). Personnel re-deployment

  • Involvement of impacted stakeholders in the change process as ambassadors and/or business subject matter experts

  • Structured & transparent communication throughout the change (employee forums with Q&A's, involvement social partners... )


In the process, we have seized the opportunity of the project to bring added-value on some side business aspects.