Managing Change in Communication


Day Nine


Push on board Communication

Harbours of Departure & Destination :

Implement Structured Communication (Effective Email management. Information sharing & synergies, communication platform (portals), ... ). Giving Feedback & Conflict Management (Learning to work with 360° assessments as assessor and assessee. Setting SMART objectives… ). Work on Communication & Management Styles (Employee forums, work groups, Buddying & mentoring programmes, internal & external coaching, identification and promotion of company ambassadors, …). Enhance Meeting effectiveness (meetings planning & preparation, use of agenda canvas & calendar tools, coaching on leading meetings & meetings facilitation, dispute resolution, commitment building… ).

Position, waypoints & ports of call :

Weather forecast & potential hazards :

Need for the Top management to buy-in and lead by example, so others get enclined to follow. Find the right balance between communication quality versus communication quantity.

6 months to put in place. And follow-up by the practice for the next 12 months

Speed & Compass Deviation :

Crew :

Snekkja, Executive Committee, work groups on communication project, Internal Communication department

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