Growing Human Talent from floor to executive roles

Growing First Mates into Skippers

Day Six


Harbours of Departure & Destination :

Talent mapping (Identify high potentials vs high professionals. Distinguish core people from core roles. Identify high impact positions and areas. Promote “unusal” internal moves. Create Talent steering committees. Identify KPI’s for high impact roles. (Re-) Align roles with organizational structures...) Proactive succession planning (Design career paths in line with Group guidelines. Design structural mentoring & coaching processes. Link with competency frameworks. Create individual development plans. Foster group synergies. Develop leadership development programmes...) Redefinition of Performance evaluation tools (Calibration process fine-tuning & peer groups definition. Define tailored KPI’s & key succes indicators (Financial/Strategic/Operational/Developmental). Coach & train management on giving feedback, setting objectives & conflict management. Develop Performance Management follow-up tools & mechanisms such as executive scorecards... )
Not all sailors wish or have the ability to become skippers... Some might remain excellent seamen or first mates. Both management and expertise career paths need to be contemplated, according to the best fit of the business requirements. A company needs to grow and care about all types of profiles to be successful: not only the top or the future leaders Balance between complex conceptual programmes and ability to implement in practice Committment from the top: Walk the talk, leading by example

Position, waypoints & ports of call :

Weather forecast & potential hazards :

Speed & Compass Deviation :

12 months (time for a full performance evaluation and development cycle). Development programmes to run on a 2 to 5 years period min.

Crew :

Snekkja, Top and Middle management teams, HRBP, European Head of HR

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