From Stars to Satellites

Day Five


Harbours of Departure & Destination :

Integrated Company Reporting (through HR Information Systems)

Creation of interactive common communication platforms (HR Portal, electronic company newsletter, European Intranet platforms…) & control

  mechanisms related (publication committee…)

Tailored design & implementation of integrated systems enabling company-wide data collection and automatic reporting, such as:

  - Peoplesoft and SAP implementations for Compensation & Benefits/International Mobility areas in Europe

  - Linking local clocking systems to payroll and leave request systems

  - Electronic repository and automation of Talent-related processes:

  - Talent Acquisition tools linking cv database, automatic forward to management for internal screening, automatic reply to candidate& etc.


Link with Talent Development tools (on-line performance appraisals system linking to Individual career development files… )

Position, waypoints & ports of call :

Weather forecast & potential hazards :

Implementing Systems for "ticking the Systems box" before prior thought-through process reviewTechnological challenges versus human learning challengesPragmatic field knowledge and commitment to support (superusers from the field)Resistance to Change

Speed & Compass Deviation :

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Crew :

12 to 24 months. Deviation depending on local systems to be integrated to the final product.

Snekkja, Systems Project teams (internal/external), superusers, HRBP, HRM

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