From New York to Brussels


Day Three


Harbours of Departure & Destination :

Set up a branch in Brussels for an American multinational bank

Design & implementation of a hiring strategy & tools Creation of a new brand (& employment campaign) to enter the Belgian market Design & implementation of effective assessment tools (such as tailored selection business cases, batch selection sessions, group selection sessions, training of managers in selection techniques… )


Definition of new salary guidelines fitting roles and profiles Transformation of existing performance & talent management tools in order to fit the new company culture and business needs (simplification, training of managers, intermediary assessments, more effective use of trial periods, … )

Position, waypoints & ports of call :

Weather forecast & potential hazards :

Critical & ambitious hiring objectives, namely increasing the bank’s human capital with 200 heads in 6 months taking into account an average employee (managed) turnover of 25% for the first three years (allowing flexibility to reduce rapidly headcount costs in case of non-success of the new European entity.)  Absence of previous brand on the Belgian employment market Change Management required to harmonize and integrate the population taken over from another financial institution

Speed & Compass Deviation :

Crew :

6 months

Snekkja, Local Head of HR, Managers

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