Restructuring - Create a shared services center out of 3 existing departments


Crossing the Horn in the Storm

Day Two


Harbours of Departure & Destination :

Sector concerned: Insurance & Financial Services - Departments impacted: Claims Handling, Operations, Finance (Accounts Receivables)

Process analysis & redefinition (analysis of current processes,and activity volumes, definition of a new integrated process, study of impact) Roles & structure definition and description, needed to perform the new process designed. Analysis of profiles required to fill in the new structure. Human talent mapping and matching to the new structure (internal job posting and selection process, feedback, direct approach, succession planning...) Personnel Redeployment (or exit strategy, should no viable redeployment be found) and training planning.

Position, waypoints & ports of call :

Weather forecast & potential hazards :

 Structured communication during the whole restructuring programme. Promote and apply sound transparency upstream and downstream. Create employee forums with Q&A’s. Involve social partners.  Involve & engage (involve people in the change process as ambassadors and/or business/subject matter experts) Creativity and flexible redeployment of personnel and key people retention.

Speed & Compass Deviation :

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6 to 12 months (time for full process, change management initiatives and final results analysis)

Crew :

Snekkja, Local top management and matrix functional Management, Project team, Head of HR

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