Harmonization of job levels following to business merger


Building One Ship out of Many

Day One


Harbours of Departure & Destination :

Introduction of one job grading structure common to all entities merged. Job descriptions inventory and redefinition, review of organizational structures & hierarchical levels. Design of career ladders & paths by job family across all entities. Design of a competency framework model corresponding to the newly created company-wide job levels. Adaptation & communication of the policy guiding job level changes and internal promotions. Linking competencies with career paths within and across job families and with individual development planning frameworks. Linking job grades to compensation and remuneration packages. Analysis & definition of policy to treat outlying cases from a financial point of view. Analysis of cost and budgeting implications likely to be incurred by the whole exercise. Extensive change management & communication initiatives during the whole process, such as active involvement of business & field people in the job grading project teams - regular information & consultation of employees representatives, etc.

Position, waypoints & ports of call :

Weather forecast & potential hazards :

Difficulty to create a system reflecting realistically Talent Development and Comp & Ben requirements while fitting budgeting flexibility constraints for the future Resistance to Change (top management, social partners in industrial relations, ... ) and need to create buy-in from all levels of the company

Speed & Compass Deviation :

Crew :

12 months. Extended to 2 years. More time needed to obtain full buy-in, manage change and communication in all 23 countries concerned

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